OK. I have set up a new MySQL Server in AWS Ubuntu EC2 and migrate databases from the RDS. After importing the tables, stored procedures and functions into the new server, I encountered the attached error. enter image description here

This happens whenever I want to create or drop users, or if I modify the stored procedure and apply changes. For stored procedures or functions, if I continue to apply changes second time, it would work.

I tried to delete those users in my Workbench but the pop-up error prevents me from doing that.

I think these users were created when I import those stored procedures with those definers.

Anyone could help? enter image description here

  • did you tried to remove or replace definers (of all in routines) of these users by your root account and then deleting ..? – Yassine LAADIDI Sep 19 '18 at 15:32

Do not import the tables in the database mysql from a server running a different version of MySQL.

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