I have function, which should be called after update and delete on one table.

At the end of function I have to return "old" if function was called after delete or "new" if procedure was called after update.

I did it like this:

if new is null
  return old;
end if;

return new;

But I get error telling me that "new" has not been initialized if function is called after delete. My question is how to recognize if function was called after delete or update?

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Assuming this is a PL/pgSQL function, then - as documented in the manual - a trigger function automatically has access to some special variables. One of them is TG_OP that identifies the trigger operation.

The manual even has an example on how to use it:

  -- do something with the OLD record
  -- do something with the NEW record
  -- do something entirely different

There will be a struct called 'EventTriggerData' passed to the trigger function as its argument.

It can be read as,

event_trigger_data = (EventTriggerData *)fcinfo->context;

Include this condition check in your code,

if((nodeTag(event_trigger_data->parseTree) == T_DeleteStmt)
       // trigger called from delete statement

if((nodeTag(event_trigger_data->parseTree) == T_UpdateStmt)
       // trigger called from update statement

Might be helpful if you are created udf's written in C

  • Thank you for your answer, but I used solution from accepted answer, since it seems more simple and straight forward solution
    – Eleer
    Sep 20, 2018 at 12:58

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