From https://mariadb.com/kb/en/library/show-create-table/,
I read

MariaDB and MySQL-specific table options, column options, and index options are not included in the output of this statement if the NO_TABLE_OPTIONS, NO_FIELD_OPTIONS and NO_KEY_OPTIONS SQL_MODE flags are used.

I am not sure NO_TABLE_OPTIONS, NO_FIELD_OPTIONS and NO_KEY_OPTIONS SQL_MODE change only the grammar or change database content.
Is database resource from mysqldump --NO_TABLE_OPTIONS --NO_FIELD_OPTIONS --NO_KEY_OPTIONS SQL_MODE --databases db1 same as resource from mysqldump --databases db1?

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mysqldump reads the database, but does not write to it. It writes a text file you can look at.

You will find that those options remove certain settings relating character set, engine, auto_increment, etc. These may make the generated SQL more compatible with some other database vendor or MySQL/MariaDB version.

The syntax I found was more like

mysqldump --compatible=no_table_options,no_field_options,no_key_options ...

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