how can can i do this ? i can't get the return value and i can understand how regex work .

 string value = "+CMT:"+639231568462"," ","18/10/07,14:31:32+32" HELLO"
    Regex r = new Regex("");
    Match m = r.Match(value);

          string number = m.Group[0].toString();
          string Date = m.Group[1].toString();
          string Time = m.Group[2].toString();
          string Mesage= m.Group[3].toString();



number = +639231568462;
date = 18/10/07;
time = 14:31:32;
message = HELLO;

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First your string is not valid. This will display compile time errors in your IDE

for simply parsing text you can use the split() method.

 string[] a = value.Split(',');

see this fiddle : https://dotnetfiddle.net/0amHEP

  • what is happening is i'm receiving a message comming from sms / gsm using an "uart" , and i can't parse it. – zarx burger Oct 8 '18 at 3:50

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