I was given a sever to use for tests that has MySQL commercial version installed. I would like to test backups using MySQL MEB, but cannot find the download site. I have seen many blogs mentioning that I need a file


But cannot find a website where I can actually download the MEB file. Should MySQL Backup already come pre-packaged with the MySQL commercial version and just need to find the executable file? I am new to MySQL enterprise, but familiar with mysqldump and xtrabackup. Unfortunately, mysqldump is too slow, and xtrabackup does not work with MySQL Enterprise.


It is unclear if the commercial version you mention is a trial or a purchased version of MySQL Enterprise. You should get Oracle credentials for download in the first case associated with your license.

In both cases, you have here a link to both the trial and licensed versions of MySQL Enterprise Edition (including Enterprise Backup):


  • I will verify whether is a trail or purchased version. Thanks for the response. – The Georgia Oct 8 '18 at 1:53

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