I just installed SQL server 2016 (Standard edition) on a new server, I'm trying to add a Maintenance plan (I've tried back up plan, rebuild indexes and many more) I'm getting a weird message when I'm trying to open the task:

The task with the name "back up plan database task" and the creation name is not registered for use on this computer.

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At first, I thought it was a permission issue so I went to services.msc and change the login as to a user with administrator permissions - still not working. Restarting the server - still not working.


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I have been having the same issue with SSMS 18 (preview 4) when trying to access any maintenance plan tasks.

I opened this item on the feedback site to capture the bug. Feel free to upvote if this describes the issue you're experiencing.

For now I am just using 17.x versions of SSMS to do any maintenance plan related tasks, since you can have both installed side-by-side.

The bug was acknowledged on 10/15 and it looks like MS is working on a fix, so hopefully the next release resolves the issue.

  • Yea that was the problem, I accidentally install the SSMS18. Thanks.
    – DnL
    Oct 17, 2018 at 10:01

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