Has the permissions model changed in report manager from 2008R2 to 2016? I am working on a migration project at the moment and after doing a successful backup/restore of the ReportServer database to 2016 and I am notice that reports are no longer accessible.

My account is set as a System Administrator and has the Content Manager role on the root folder in report manager. On a sub-folder my account is set to Browser and I have browser permissions on only one report, the rest have different permissions to groups I am not a member to.

In 2008R2 report manager I can see all reports in this sub-folder, I cannot execute them all but I am able to manage and change the security including assigning my account permissions to browse.

In 2016 report manager I only see the one report in this sub-folder and see none of the other reports and unable to make any changes like in 2008R2.

Is this a change between SQL Server Versions? My only other thought is that I have local administrator rights on the 2008R2 server and not the 2016 server.

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