I have a table with a "Description" field. Which contains the titles of a whole lot of phone models.

Id - Int (PK)
Description - nvarchar(200)

**Lookup Table**
LookupId - Int (PK)
SearchString - nvarchar(50)
Result - nvarchar(100)

I then have another lookup table with all the different models of phones I want to search for.

If I was going to do a text search on the description field I could easily write this by doing

SELECT * FROM Listing WHERE Description Like '%SearchTerm%'

However I want to somehow do a search on each record in the Lookup Table. Im thinking that I probably have to do a loop for each record in the Lookup table and then write some dynamic sql? Is there an easier way than this?


If I understand your question correctly, you basically want to join your [Table1] to [Lookup Table] whenever [Table1].[Description] is like [Lookup Table].[SearchString].

You can try this:

select * from Table1 
join [Lookup Table] 
on Table1.Description like ('%' + [Lookup Table].SearchString + '%');

This will only return records where there is a match on the like condition. You can adapt this to an outer join if you need all rows from one of the tables, as required.

I won't vouch for the performance of this query. Also, it is an adaptation of another question on Stack Exchange.

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  • Thank you for this! Its a one of process so not concerned with the performance :) – Glen Hong Oct 15 '18 at 6:51

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