In a transaction, for example,

START TRANSACTION; SELECT count(*) as count FROM `order` WHERE user_id = 25286 LOCK IN SHARE MODE; INSERT INTO `order` (`id`, `user_id`, `product_id`) VALUES (NULL, '25286', '36296');

we perform the SELECT LOCK IN SHARE MODE; the SELECT query will be executed on the slave database and lock a row.

Does the SELECT LOCK IN SHARE MODE also create a row locking on the master database so that the INSERT query will not run on a master database?

  • No query on the slave can affect the master. – danblack Oct 15 '18 at 6:53

There is no communication from Slave to Master (aside from network protocols to receive the Replication updates from the Master.

Writing on a Slave is a no-no. The basic principle of Replication is that the Slave will have exactly (except for a slight lag) the same data as the Master. Writing to the Slave does not allow for keeping them in sync.

An exception is with Master-Master -- wherein two servers are acting both as Master and as Slave. Still, writing to both leads to a lot of potential problems, and should be avoided.

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