For performance mornitoring, i would like to have a mysql query which gives the calculated output of TPS. I think tps= Com_commit + Com_rollback / second , but I don't know the query to calculate these formula in mysql. Same related question for TPS had been asked but query was not provided there, so why I ask here. Kindly show me how to calculate values from status in MySQL/MariaDB.

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It's a bit clunky, but this should give you the tps since restart of MySQL:

SELECT  SUM(IF(variable_name IN ('Com_commit', 'Com_rollback'),
                   variable_value, 0)) /
        SUM(IF(variable_name = 'Uptime',
                   variable_value, 0))
    FROM  information_schema.GLOBAL_STATUS

Com_commit and Com_rollback are available in information_schema.global_status. You need to query them regularly and calculate the difference between readings in order to get quantity per duration.

When I tried to do something similar, a co-worker asked what it would really tell us. His argument was that it told us nothing about transaction size - no way to know how much work was being done. For example BEGIN; COMMIT; is a transaction, which will increase your counter, but not tell you anything. Also, if your TPS drops, is that because of a bottleneck, or a drop in application demand?

Don't let that stop you from implementing this monitoring, but make sure you know what you're getting from the number.

  • Thats ok ; but I was asking about the mysql Query for getting that value calculated from mysql prompt itself using some SUM() and ROUND functions in mysql. Could u be able to provide that ?
    – SAGAR Nair
    Oct 18, 2018 at 0:40

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