I see that i can manage encryption through the option: right click database->tasks->manage database encryption

I see two options using asymmetric key or certificate as shown below enter image description here

but i don't see an upload option of the key or certficate .

Can somebody please let me know how to upload a certificate and enable the encryption?

Thank you


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SSMS GUI expects you to Create your server certificate before you mange database encryption.


Once you create the server certificate you you will be able to chose from the drop down box.

CREATE CERTIFICATE testencryptioncert   
   ENCRYPTION BY PASSWORD = 'pGFD4bb925DGvbd2439587y'  
   WITH SUBJECT = 'Testing Encryption',   
   EXPIRY_DATE = '20201031';  

Now the above certificate will show up in the drop down list of the GUI.

enter image description here

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