I have upgraded my workbench to 8.0CE and also removed the previous 5.7 MYSQL server as well as Workbench 6.3.

This is the directory:

C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Workbench 8.0 CE

Also when I typed the below, I get error message

C:>cd Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server\bin The system cannot find the path specified.

Now, there used to be a server in the same directory where MYSQL Workbench reside but I just can't find the server file there.

Another strange thing I just discovered is that even though I have upgraded to version 8, the PorgramData is still containing MYSQLServer5.7 ! It is supposed to be MYSQLServer right ?

Please let me know if there is any steps I have missed.



MySQL server and MySQL Workbench both are installed in the default location ("Program Files" for 64bit apps or "Program Files x86" for 32bit apps). MySQL Workbench however only exists as a 64bit arch build.

Did you check the server path actually exists? If it does not you may have forgotten to install the new server. Simply run the MySQL Windows installer again and let it install the server.

About the left behind ProgramData content: that's probably a safety measure to avoid deleting your data unwantedly. If you don't need it anymore then just remove the 5.7 subfolder.

  • I actually have 2 copies - one inside Program Files and one inside Program Files x 86 and it is only at the later that I have J Connector inside. Now, my problem is that even though I have put the J connector at Tomcat lib, my project class path etc the connection is failing. Any idea what is the problem ? – Karen Goh Oct 21 '18 at 4:03

After much wrestling, I finally got MYSQL 8.0 installed.

Thanks to this article :


I got rid of C:\Users[User-Name]\AppData\Roaming\MySQL and then re-installed MYSQL and everything just back to normal. :)

C:>cd Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server\bin

You must quote arguments that include blanks (and certain other punctuation:

C:>cd "Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server\bin"

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