I have problem in Sybase RTL, which RTL delay to insert or update data from ASE to IQ. we drop and create replication definitions but it doesn't solve. We restart RTL but it doens't solve problem. In RTL we got some errors and error log size is growing from 25 mb to 40 mb in last 3 days.

    Open Client Client-Library error: Error: 67175722, Severity 5 

-- 'ct_results(): protocol specific layer: external error: There is a tds protocol error. An invalid numeric precision was received.'.
T. 2018/09/25 11:57:30. (49): HQCPL: HQ execution exception occurred while applying to table [nil][nil]...
I. 2018/09/25 11:57:30. A grouped transaction of 3007 individual transactions has failed in database 'MYDATAIQ.MDA'. It will be broken into smaller groups and retried.
I. 2018/09/25 12:00:44. Retry of a grouped transaction of 952 individual transactions has succeeded in database 'MYDATAIQ.MDA'.
E. 2018/09/25 12:00:48. ERROR #151 DSI EXEC(105(1) MYDATAIQ.MDA) - \generic\dsi\hqocs.c(1719)
    Bulk-Lib routine 'RCIMoreResults' failed.

What the problem may be? Thanks

  • Invalid data you're trying to upload or a client library that is not compatible with your database? – Gerard H. Pille Oct 18 '18 at 18:00

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