I've created a user ... but forgotten the password

mysql> create user 'blayo'@'%' identified by 'right';

Which Linux command line tool can encrypt the password the same way mysql does ?

mysql> select Password,User from mysql.user
*920018161824B14A1067A69626595E68CB8284CB | blayo |

...to be sure I use the right one

$ tool right

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Just use MySQL:

select password('foo');


  • It's also super-handy how this stores your new password in clear text in both your bash history log and in your MySQL log, for easy retrieval later on. ;-) Sep 14, 2014 at 18:18

MySql uses SHA1 to hash the password in the following way and then prefix's it with a star:


The argument to the outer SHA1 must be the binary result of the inner hash for it to work properly.

source: MySQL source code and the following link:



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