I understand that this is not what SSRS is for, but I don't have the option of picking a tool. Ideally, nothing other than SSRS would be used.

We would like to implement commenting on our test reporting. What this means is that the user will click a button on a test, opening a comment subreport. I am trying to implement a subreport within this subreport with an input field, allowing the user to post a comment themselves.

From my understanding, SSRS only supports consuming user input through parameters, which I could use to populate a query that writes to the database. This is really less than ideal, since I would like the "submit" button to be inline. I'm really just looking to add an input and a submit button, which submits the input to our database. Trivial in html/javascript, seemingly impossible in SSRS.

Is it possible to extend an SSRS report to do this? What can I do to implement this requirement? Do I need to embed code / add a layer on top of the report to achieve this?

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