When running the status command in MySQL, one of the metrics that is sent back is "Queries per second avg: 5910.758"

I was wondering if anybody know what makes up that number?

Reason for asking is we tracked all the selects, updates, inserts from the performance_schema and we don't get anywhere near that number.

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Tracing it through it ends up being a COM_STATISTICS in the protocol, resulting in this bit of server code.

So based this 'Queries per second avg' is the, the thread_id as the number of queries, divided by the total uptime of the server.


SHOW GLOBAL STATUS; You will see Questions and Uptime. Divide those to get the avg QPS (since restart). The status values are (or used to be) in information_status.GLOBAL_STATUS. What version of MySQL are you using?

Also note Com_select, Com_update, etc. They may add up toQuestions`.

Queries, I think, includes Questions, plus queries that are inside Stored Routines.

5910 is a rather large value. I would put it above the 95th percentile.


I figured out some more data, related to @danblack and @rickjames above:

SELECT EVENT_NAME, COUNT_STAR FROM performance_schema.events_statements_summary_global_by_event_name WHERE EVENT_NAME LIKE 'statement/sql/%' and COUNT_STAR > 0 order by COUNT_STAR;

This shows all the counts.

Summing this all gives a value, say 7 billion - dividing that by the uptime seconds, gets you to the correct answer (close any ways) to what the "status" command gives.

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