With reference to How to use COALESCE with multiple rows and without preceding comma? ...

I have a similar scenario but with a small difference. I would be grateful if any expert could help me with it.


area | city | state
1 | a | a
2 | a | a
3 | b | a
4 | b | a
1 | a | b
2 | a | b
3 | c | b
4 | c | b

Desired Results

Now I would like to retrieve the results as:

area | city | state
1,2,3,4 | a,b | a
1,2,3,4 | a,c | b

Retrieved Results

I tried myself with the above mentioned solution, but I am receiving the following result set:

area | city | state
1,2,3,4 | a,a,b,b | a
1,2,3,4 | a,a,c,c | b

I need city to be distinct. I hope I have explained good enough?

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    What code are you using at the moment? What version of SQL Server? Nov 2, 2018 at 10:40
  • It would help if you used actual area names and city names and state names. Your data set as given makes no sense... Is Area 1 in state A or B? Is city A in state A or B? Is area 4 in city B or C?
    – user275801
    Sep 5, 2019 at 7:14

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Not sure what code you're using now or what version of SQL Server you're using, but FOR XML PATH goes pretty far back. Here's how I would do it:

DECLARE @t TABLE(area int, city char(1), state char(1));

INSERT @t(area,city,state) VALUES

    area = STUFF((SELECT ',' + CONVERT(varchar(11),area) 
      FROM @t WHERE state = t.state GROUP BY area 
      FOR XML PATH(''),TYPE).value(N'.[1]','nvarchar(max)'),1,1,''),
    city = STUFF((SELECT ',' + city 
      FROM @t WHERE state = t.state GROUP BY city 
      FOR XML PATH(''),TYPE).value(N'.[1]','nvarchar(max)'),1,1,''),
  FROM @t AS t
SELECT area,city,state 
  FROM x 
  GROUP BY area,city,state 
  ORDER BY area,city,state;

There is certainly a way to do this with STRING_AGG() in more modern versions (2016 SP1+), but it won't be much less messy.

  SELECT city,state FROM @t GROUP BY state,city
y AS
  SELECT x.state, city = STRING_AGG(x.city,',') 
  FROM x GROUP BY state
SELECT area = STRING_AGG(t.area, ','), y.city, y.state 
  FROM y INNER JOIN @t AS t ON t.state = y.state
  GROUP BY y.city, y.state
  ORDER BY area, y.city, y.state;
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    @SadiqabbasHirani And that is why you should always specify the version. Nov 2, 2018 at 13:58

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