We have been trying to setup transactional replication on an Azure Managed Instance database.

I have been following the document from Microsoft:


We are trying to use the supported model of:

Managed Instance 1 – Publisher Managed Instance 2 – Distributor Azure Virtual Machine – Subscriber

Unfortunately, we seem to be falling at the first hurdle. At step 6 from the attached Microsoft document, we have to run the following:

USE [master]
EXEC sp_adddistributor @distributor = @@ServerName;
EXEC sp_adddistributiondb @database = N'distribution';

However, this comes up with a warning of: Warning: A linked server that refers to the originating server is not a supported scenario. If you wish to use a four-part name to reference a local table, please use the actual server name rather than an alias.

Now at first, I tried to just ignore this warning, as some of the statement seemed successfully (for example I could see that a distribution database had been created). However, at the next step of the process, the next batch of code that I must run fails with an error complaining that distribution is not setup correctly.

Has anyone else successfully been able to setup transactional replication on a Azure Managed Instance? I would gladly welcome any advice about this, as per Microsoft’s documentation, this should be supported and work without issue.

Thank you.

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