I have two tables, let's call them Table1 and Table2. Table1 has a column c1. and Table2 has two columns called c2 and c3.

I would like to count the occurrences of c1 from Table1 in both columns of Table2.

SELECT DISTINCT Table1.c1, count(*) FROM Table1
WHERE Table1.c1 IN(SELECT c2 OR c3 FROM Table2)

This apparently did not work for me, I am trying to practice different operations in SQL but I couldn't figure this one out.

  • Do not mix DISTINCT and GROUP BY. Since you are using an "aggregate function" (COUNT(*)), use GROUP BY.
  • The list in the GROUP BY (NAME) should match the non-aggregate columns in the SELECT (Table1.c1)
  • OR is a boolean operator, such as testing whether either of two things is true. It cannot be used for collecting things.
  • UNION (see below) can collect stuff from two tables (or 2 different columns in the same table, in your case).
  • Try to avoid IN ( SELECT ... ); learn about JOIN.

The union:

    SELECT c2 FROM Table2
    SELECT c3 FROM Table2

effectively build a temporary table with one column, called c2 (after the name(s) in the first SELECT).

Use UNION DISTINCT if you need to de-duplicate the results.

Now, Abdul, take these bits of knowledge and try again.


You have to JOIN both tables. For mysql v8+ you can use CTE syntax:

    FROM table1
SELECT t1.c1
     , count(1) AS counter
  FROM t1
  JOIN table2 AS t2  ON t2.c2 = t1.c1
                     OR t2.c3 = t1.c1
 GROUP BY t1.c1

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