I realize this is a little random, but DB2 (circa V8) had a feature to define tables from the CREATE VIEW syntax. Basically, the view was saved to disk to save the cost of recreating the dataset each time the view is called.

All I really need to know is what was this feature called? I was thinking it was Federated Views, but that seems to be about incorporating external data into the database. Would this work for saving aggregated data from within a database or is there another name for this feature?

Please help an old guy out.

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You're thinking of Materialized Query Tables or MQTs. They are still part of the product, see this documentation.

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    BTW they were called Automatic Summary Tables in their first incarnation (circa DB2 UDB v5.2 !), they got renamed to MQTs in V8.1 I think Commented Nov 19, 2018 at 13:05

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