Select for update nowait doesn't work in MySQL 5x (innodb). Is there any function like NOWAIT in MySQL?


MySQL provides the ability to set application-specific locking using the GET_LOCK() function. You can check if the mutex has been taken by using the IS_FREE_LOCK() function.

You can refer this thread for detail: http://forums.mysql.com/read.php?22,45679,45679#msg-45679

Also, Non-blocking queries are not supported by MySQL:



When it comes to InnoDB, SELECT FOR UPDATE has the potential for leaving lingering locks. This not a new subject as shown in the Forums:

I wrote about this before in the DBA StackExchange

Note what the MySQL Documentation said on this:

When InnoDB performs a complete rollback of a transaction, all locks set by the transaction are released. However, if just a single SQL statement is rolled back as a result of an error, some of the locks set by the statement may be preserved. This happens because InnoDB stores row locks in a format such that it cannot know afterward which lock was set by which statement.

You best chance it to change innodb_lock_wait_timeout to your liking

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