Im setting up replication with GTID. The total database size is 4GB.


mysqldump -h MASTER_IP  --databases db-u bhuvi -p \
--master-data=1 \
--routines \
--triggers \
--events \
--flush-privileges \
--hex-blob \
--default-character-set=utf8 > db.sql

Binlog Info from DUMP file:


Once restore done, Im getting this error.

Got fatal error 1236 from master when reading data from binary log: 'The slave is connecting using CHANGE MASTER TO MASTER_AUTO_POSITION = 1, but the master has purged binary logs containing GTIDs that the slave requires.'

But In master,

show binary logs returns files from mysql-bin.000046. But slave shows the binlog has purged.

Can someone help to understand this error?

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