I'm stuck with one specificity of Replication on MySQL servers.

I'm currently working with this configuration :

A <--> B ⊦---> C ---> D

I explain.

I've got a replication Master <--> Master between servers A & B. This replication is working for years now and everything is fine with it.

I also managed to build a replication between server C & D which needs to have GTID activated (necessity of external replication with Google Cloud SQL).

But I cannot activate the replication between server A and C because C has GTID activated and A is currently with GTID disabled.

By the way, I've got differences of version between my servers. A & B are MySQL 5.5 and just some tables are replicated C & D are MySQL 5.6 (and perhaps 5.7 if it is possible).

I cannot actually upgrade A & B from 5.5 to 5.6, neither can I halt and activate GTID on A & B.

Is there a way to ignore the GTID configuration for the Master (A) -> Slave (C) but maintain the GTID configuration for Master (C) -> Slave (D) configuration ?

Thanks for your advices.

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  • I'd keep 5.7 out of your replication chain as 2 major version differences are unsupported. You've got a lot of constraints the most common being the upgrade of A&B to support gtid. Can you describe the constraints there to see if those are resolvable? – danblack Nov 27 '18 at 22:09

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