On two Ubuntu 18.04 Virtual Machines, I've setup PostgreSQL 11 on each, one being master, the other one hot-standy. The replication works as I expect.

Now I want to add a pgpoolII-layer for failover. I've installed pgpool on the first VM and configured it with these settings:

port = 5437
backend_hostname0 = ''
backend_port0 = 5432
backend_weight0 = 1
backend_data_directory0 = '/var/lib/pgsql/data'
backend_flag0 = 'ALLOW_TO_FAILOVER'
backend_hostname1 = ''
backend_port1 = 5432
backend_weight1 = 1
backend_data_directory1 = '/var/lib/pgsql/data'
backend_flag1 = 'ALLOW_TO_FAILOVER'
master_slave_mode = on
master_slave_sub_mode = 'stream'

(Hoping these are the most important things. I think I didn't change the rest.)

Now if I connect with a Postgres-client (I've tested psql and node-postgres) to, I can do SELECT statements, but no UPDATE/INSERT. I'll always get cannot execute UPDATE/INSERT in a read-only transaction.

Is this somehow connected to misconfigured load-balancing? I'm quite new to this, but as far as I understand, pgpool can be configured to distribute read statements among slaves, while all write statements should go to the master. However, this is not what I want to have. So, what I'm a doing wrong?

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