I am adding a username field to my database, and I want to populate it with the username portion of the email addresses the users have supplied...

I dont have many users, so I dont expect any conflicts.

What would a query look like to take the username portion of an email address and save it to the username column?

Thank you

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    to take the username portion of an email address SUBSTRING_INDEX(email, '@', 1) save it to the username column UPDATE. – Akina Nov 30 '18 at 12:30

I'd probably suggest doing it in the code that will be creating the insert statement but it can be done in the insert statement itself too.

INSERT INTO yourtable SET username = LOWER(SUBSTR(useremail,1,LOCATE('@',useremail) - 1))

I included the LOWER so the style of the user name would be consistent in case a person entered their email address in MixedCase.

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  • Hey Thanks a lot Dave, but shouldnt that be update yourtable set username.... – Jeffrey L. Roberts Dec 1 '18 at 4:49
  • In the absence of an actual query in your our original question which said I am adding a username I made the assumption you were inserting a row. If you are in fact updating existing rows then an update would be correct and useremail would be the name of the column that contains that value. – Dave Dec 1 '18 at 9:23

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