I don't know if my question is valid or not but I'm working on an attendance system, and I want to get some output for my project.

I have an attendance table that holds three columns: emp_id, atten_type and date. The atten_type column can contain one of three values; that is 'present', 'absent' and 'leave'.

Now, I want the output like this:

i got only one value like count(atten_type) from table where atten_type = "present"

  • its easier to be explicit like below rather than creating a table based on your contents. Pivot tables are very horrible and if you know the atten_type values up front use them. – danblack Dec 3 '18 at 5:07
  • Please provide source data which must produce the output you show... – Akina Dec 3 '18 at 5:25

So grouping by emp_id, month and suming the count based on atten_type?

SELECT emp_id,
    SUM(IF(atten_type='present',1,0) as 'atten_type as present',
    SUM(IF(atten_type='leave',1,0) as 'atten_type as leave',
    SUM(IF(atten_type='absent',1,0) as 'atten_type as absent',
    MONTH(`date`) as 'month'
GROUP BY emp_id, `month`
  • 1
    Author claims that DBMS is MySQL. So you do not need in IF() and can use simple SUM(atten_type='present') – Akina Dec 3 '18 at 7:54

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