I am needing to select all email addresses from two different tables with a single query. The goal of this is to list out all email addresses a client has per row.

Both tables are structured differently from one another.

Table 1 Structure

ID    First Name    Last Name    Email
1     Mike          Smith        [email protected]
2     Jane          Doe          [email protected]

Table 2 Structure

ID    Name             Value
1     work_email       [email protected]
1     alt_work_email   [email protected]
2     school_email     [email protected]
2     address 1        123 west main street
2     city             Houston

Normally, If I knew the the exact Name for Table 2 would do a LEFT JOIN and be golden but this is not the case.

tb1.email as Value,
tb2.value as Value2, 
FROM  table1 as tb1
LEFT JOIN table2 as tb2 ON tb2.name LIKE '%email%' AND tb2.value LIKE '%@%' 
AND tb2.value != '' AND tb2.client_id = tb1.id  

I know the above query is inaccurate but I needing something like this to collect all email addresses from Table 1 and where Name contains the word email from Table 2 and display those emails along with the Name value associated with the email address. Table 1 Name value will be the column header of Email. Desired output of what is needed is above.

Desired Output

ID    First Name    Last Name    Name           Value
1     Mike          Smith        Email          [email protected]
1     Mike          Smith        work_email     [email protected]
1     Mike          Smith        alt_work_email [email protected]
2     Jane          Doe          Email          [email protected]
2     Jane          Doe          school_email   [email protected]

Any help on this would be amazing and very much appreciated!

  • You want a match between tables? and its not the id? And you haven't specified it? Not sure why your almost right query isn't all right.
    – danblack
    Commented Dec 4, 2018 at 4:55
  • 1
    You are learning why not to use EAV schema.
    – Rick James
    Commented Dec 4, 2018 at 5:24

1 Answer 1

    SELECT id, First_Name, Last_Name, 'Email' Name, Email Value
    FROM table1
    SELECT tb1.id, tb1.First_Name, tb1.Last_Name, tb2.Name, tb2.Value, 
    FROM  table1 tb1
    LEFT JOIN table2 tb2 
        ON tb2.Name LIKE '%email%' 
       AND tb2.Value LIKE '%@%' 
       AND tb2.client_id = tb1.id  
/* ORDER BY 1 */

PS. AND tb2.value != '' condition is excess. If false, then AND tb2.Value LIKE '%@%' is false too.


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