I had a query passing from Entity Framework which is a very expensive query with a terrible performance. while optimizing this query I found the problem in this part:

FROM       [dbo].[FilingCartable] AS [Extent1]  
INNER JOIN [dbo].[EstateFiles] AS [Extent7] 
   ON  [Extent1].[EstateFileId] = [Extent7].[IdEstateFile] 
   AND [Extent7].[Status] = 6   

Here the execution plan shows Index Scan for FilingCartable table. As soon as I comment the part AND [Extent7].[Status] = 6 , execution plan shows Index Seek for table FilingCartable and query runs so fast!

I want to know the reason why?

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  • This would be easier to answer if we had the full execution plan (actual if possible) (you can provide that by posting it on www.pastetheplan.com; remember to edit the link into your question), and the details on your indexes (copies of the CREATE INDEX statements). CREATE TABLE commands might help, as well. – RDFozz Dec 4 at 22:56

I searched and the solutions I found were :

1- Force plan to seek index ( WITH (FORCESEEK) ) that I cant use this in Entity Framework
2- I used AND ([Extent7].[Status]%6 = 0)

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