I have been reading on the Postgresql replication streaming (as described here) and was wondering if it is possible to choose which databases are synced, or if it has to be the entire DB server. E.g. if I have database1, database2, and database3 in my master server, can I have my slave server sync only database1 and database2? And further, could I have a second slave server sync a different subset of databases, like only database3?

I am using postgresql version 9.6.

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    No, not possible. Streaming replication always replicates the whole cluster
    – user1822
    Dec 7, 2018 at 20:11

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No, traditional streaming replication cannot do that.

To replicate per database, you would have to use logical replication instead. But this is not available until v10. (Certain pieces of it were available back to 9.4, but using it required some very deep expertise until v10 when a user-friendly front-end was added)

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