I'm trying to execute ndb_desc from API client. The config and parameters are as below:

my.cnf in mysqld:



config.ini in mgmd: (part of it)

-- ...
--- ...

Situation: there are 2x mgmd, 2x data-node, and 2x mysqld.

Parameters tried to call ndb_desc: # ndb_desc -c --ndb-nodeid=7 -d db_name -t tb_name

Above response with error: ndb_desc: [ERROR] unknown variable 'server-id=5

On changing my.cnf, removing these two lines of server-id and log-bin, then the error response after calling ndb_desc will be as follow:

Unable to connect to management server. 
NDBT_ProgramExit: 1 - Failed

There is no firewall, ping to the management is running fine.

So the question: how to exec ndb_desc (with correct parameters)? what is the correct my.cnf/config.ini for setting up the node-id?

Some links i have tried to check before posting this: mysql-cluster-work-well-but-ndb-desc-doesnt-work, mysql:ndb_desc, mysql:connection-string, grokbase, and several hours of googling around.

update1: changed the config.ini on mgmd for emtpy mysqld section, ndb_mgm -e show output:

[mysqld(API)]   3 node(s)
id=5    @  (mysql-5.7.23 ndb-7.6.7)
id=6    @  (mysql-5.7.23 ndb-7.6.7)
id=7 (not connected, accepting connect from any host)

ndb_desc still has the same response: Unable to connect to management server.

update2: from mgmd node, saw this log: WARNING -- Failed to allocate nodeid for API at Returned error: 'Id 7 already allocated by another node.

update3: changed config.ini, added [api] nodeid=7 host= log still the same: WARNING -- Failed to allocate nodeid for API at Returned error: 'No free node id found for mysqld(API).

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Here are the changes i made to make this work:

  1. add empty api node at the end of mgmd config.ini: [api]
  2. stop both of ndbd from mgmd: ndb_mgm -e "3 stop" | "4 stop"
  3. stop both of mgmd: ndb_mgm -e "1 stop" | "2 stop"
  4. start mgmd 1: ndb_mgmd --initial --reload --config-file=/var/lib/mysql-cluster/config.ini
  5. start mgmd 2: ndb_mgmd --initial --config-file=/var/lib/mysql-cluster/config.ini
  6. start ndbd manually: ssh to the machine and run ndbd
  7. wait until all node connected
  8. make sure my.cnf at mysql node is having: [mysql_cluster] ndb-connectstring=,, or can add -c on ndb_desc param later
  9. run ndb_desc at mysql node: ndb_desc -p -d db_name -t tb_name

the important missing part after adding empty api node is restarting the data node

link to source: No free node id found

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