I'm planning my database backup strategy and came across the continuous archiving concept of PostgreSQL which is exactly what I'm looking for.

I have two questions on this.

I'm planning to mount the WAL file archive directory to an external NFS storage space (e.g. /mnt/nfs/archivedir/). I read that this log shipping is asynchronous by default. Does that mean that I don't have any performance issues on this?

As I understand it right, I must not loose any of the WAL segment files, right? But what if any file is corrupt? Can I recover the database ever again then? I guess that a lot of things can go wrong, because what happens when the server is suddenly turned off, or what if the NFS is suddenly not reachable, and so on.

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you can use the pg_receivewal utility on the server that will receive the logs, it will help you with this problem.

see more at:

pg_receivewal - Doc official

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