Have a SQL Server 2017 Standard edition box with build 14.0.3045.24 with one memory-optimized table. When our 3rd party backups complete the SQL Server 2017 error log shows several [INFO] messages containing HKHostFreezeCkptTrimming(), HKHostBackupDeleteContext(), getMaxUnrecoverableCheckpointID() and with the same user database ID. Any of you familiar with these messages? Is this a bug or is there a fix for these messages?

Additional testing has shown these [INFO] messages appears during full, differential, transaction log, and manual copy-only backups. Performance is good and users aren't complaining, but considering the amount of backups that are required these messages are filling the error log.

Anything I can do to limit the entry of these messages to the error log? Or is this a case of dealing with additional messages?


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I don't have an answer for what exactly they mean, but I see them on every machine where I have a memory optimized file group.

Since they start with "HK" they seem to be related to In-Memory OLTP (codenamed Hekaton prior to the production release in SQL Server 2014).

I would say that since they are INFO messages, and they are common on instances with memory optimized filegroups, that they are nothing to worry about.

There isn't currently a documented way of disabling those messages, and I hear that there really is no undocumented way of disabling them either. There is a precedent for disabling backup-related info messages (see trace flag 3226), so you could make a request on user voice: SQL Server Uservoice


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