I need database design to record Recipes.

  • Recipes can contain several Ingredients and several ordered HowToSteps.
  • Each HowToStep can be split into ordered HowToSections.
  • A single recipe can contain a mix of several (ordered) HowToStep and (ordered) HowToSection elements.

My Solution

  • Table HowToSection with FK to the table HowToStep with FK to the table Recipe.
  • Table Ingredient with FK to the table Recipe.


I have no idea how to handle a business rule which stipulates that

  • "A single recipe can contain a mix of several (ordered) HowToStep and (ordered) HowToSection elements".
  • Weird... sounds like a university assignment question.......................
    – Murphybro2
    Jan 28, 2019 at 21:38
  • Not your question, but you'll be bumping into it later. The relationship between ingredients and recipes in many-to-many. One recipe has many ingredients, but an ingredient, like chopped garlic can go into many recipes. Learn how to design for this case, using a third intermediate table. May 10, 2019 at 10:13

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You'd have a:

RecipeSteps table containing, recipe_id, stepnumber for order, and a HowToStep ref


RecipeSections table containing, recipe_id, sectionnumber for order, and a HowToSection ref

The stepnumber and sectionnumber need to be non overlapping (per recipe_id for the pulling in the steps/sections in an order.

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