In tabular 2017 (compatibility level 1400) my query gets this error:

Query Error - MdxScript(Model) (3, 38) Calculation error in measure 'Fact 
Order'[Sum of Quantity]: The expression invokes an object that was defined by 
using an MDX calculated member or script. Such objects are not supported in DAX 

In 2012 (compatibility level 1103) it works fine.

Did Microsoft break something? anyone knows if some rules changed?

the query:


MEMBER [Dimension Date].[Fiscal Year].[x] AS 
            AGGREGATE({[Dimension Date].[Fiscal Year].&[2013], [Dimension Date].[Fiscal Year].&[2015]})
                , Scope_Isolation=CUBE  , SOLVE_ORDER=1000 

{[Measures].[Sum of Quantity]} ON COLUMNS, 
{[Dimension City].[Country].ALLMEMBERS} ON ROWS

FROM [Model]
WHERE ([Dimension Date].[Fiscal Year].[x])

This works on 2017 if remove the solve_order from the calculated member x.

I can "fix" this specific query to work, but I'm trying to understand why this is started failing

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