To export a dumpfile, I can:

EXPDP system/Password@TNS 

So, let's say I want to restore this DMP file, but with a different name (I'm a SQL Server Dba, and I'm still learning some Oracle). I would do this:

1)create a new user

2)GRANT CONNECT to this user


IMPDP System/Password@TNS 

My question is about REMAP_SCHEMA.When I'm restoring schemas inside my own server, I know the OldUser , so I can fill it, and then :NewUser.

But if I'm sending this dump file to our client. Should I mention this OldSchema? They don't know the schema's name I'm using before the dump. Because on SQL Server I can RESTORE DATABASE , then name with the name a want FROM DISK....

How can I restore a schema with a different name?



Even if not told, OldUser can be easily found as:

IMPDP System/Password@TNS 

This does not import anything, just creates ThefileName.sql under dumpdir with the SQL statements used for creating OldUser, including the username as well of course. Using that information, they will know what to specify in REMAP_SCHEMA=OldUser:NewUser.

  • Thank you Balazs. So a good pratice is, to run EXPDP with the schema about to be dumped? I mean..I run EXPDP with SYSTEM ( EXPDP SYSTEM/PASS schemas=TheSchemaIwantToDump ). Should I EXPDP Schema/;pass so they can run the above IMPDP and get the right schema? – Racer SQL Dec 21 '18 at 11:48
  • @RacerSQL It does not matter. The information will be stored in the dumpfile – Balazs Papp Dec 21 '18 at 15:37

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