I have not found any documentation about ODBC connection strings for Hana and am trying to connect using the examples in SAP HANA Database Client Interfaces.

An attempt to connect via ODBC with the connection string:


fails with this error:

Communication link failure;
-10709 Connection failed (RTE:[0]  (

whereas the corresponding ADO.NET connection works:


What may be wrong with the ODBC connection? I have the correct driver installed.

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you might require to install SAP HANA Database Client for ODBC configuration

Please refer to above linked document for a sample case where HDBODBC is installed for connection to HANA database via ODBC

After HDBODBC configuration is created as illustrated in referenced tutorial, you can build your connection string as follows referencing the System DSN name with DSN argument


You can find the database name in SAP HANA Studio connection properties or by querying M_Databases system view

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