I'm having problems with TempDb being full. Are there any system views I can see to diagnose what's using up TempDb and/or how much space is still available on it?

It would be awesome to also see the TempDb transaction size limit too if possible.


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So far, I've found the below, using these pages:



sys.dm_pdw_nodes_db_file_space_usage doesn't appear to hold any information about tempDb, so therefore we can only use sys.dm_pdw_nodes_io_virtual_file_stats.

The example in Microsoft's documentation doesn't explain what each file_id means, although the example they give filters on it. Until I can find any more information, I'll sum all files in TempDb as this appears to give the most sensible result (but it's a complete guess!).

        select sum(num_of_bytes_written) from sys.dm_pdw_nodes_io_virtual_file_stats
where database_name = 'tempdb'

I cannot find any documentation of transaction size limits for Azure DW Gen2.

This only applies to gen 1 - https://learn.microsoft.com/en-gb/azure/sql-data-warehouse/sql-data-warehouse-develop-transactions#transaction-size


after further experimentation, it appears this query doesn't work either, the storage use always increases, so it appears to be more like a write counter. the size_on_disk_bytes never changes, so I'm not sure this would do it either.

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