I have a json document for each row in my table (PostgreSQL 10) with the following structure

"partyboat": {
    "participants": [{
        "name": "Bill Lambeer",
        "role": "Lessee"
    }, {
        "name": "Ted Dansonite",
        "role": "Lessor"
    }, {
        "name": "EMILY With a Y",
        "role": "Lessor"

I need to find rows using criteria like "Lessee starts with Bill and Lessor contains Dansonite" or "Has participant name that starts with Emily"

I have a working function that I can use but it takes 2 minutes on 2 million records. To slow for my use.

Here is my working function and an example of how I use it.

create function test_hasparticipant(jsondata jsonb, role varchar, name    varchar)
returns bool
language sql
select exists(
       with participantarrays as
         (select jsondata
          where jsonb_typeof(jsondata -> 'partyboat' -> 'participants')    = 'array')
         , participants_flattened as
         (select jsondata, jsonb_array_elements(jsondata -> 'partyboat' -> 'participants') participants
          from participantarrays)
         select *
         from participants_flattened
         where participants -> 'role' ? role
           and participants ->> 'name' like name)

select *
from partyboats
where hasparticipant(jsondata, 'Lessee', 'Bill%') and hasparticipant  (jsondata, 'Lessor', '&Dansonite%')

I have been trying some indexing but nothing makes much of an impact.

create index participantnames on partyboats((jsondata->'partyboat'->'participants'->>'names'));
create index participantgroup on partyboats using gin((jsondata->'partyboat'->'participants'));
create index particpantrole on partyboats using gin((jsondata->'partyboat'->'participants'->'role'));
create index particpanttypeof on partyboats((jsonb_typeof(jsondata->'partyboat'->'participants')));

I am open to reformatting my json document if there is a model that is more efficient to query. The need for the typeof query will be removed eventually but from what I can tell it is not impacting query time very much.

How can I query these array objects efficiently? Is querying arrays in the json always going to be slow if I require wildcard support?

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