We use the Ola Hallengren scripts for full/diff/tran log backups. Ola's site indicates that log shipping is compatible unless we are using transaction logs. Why is that?


I believe your answer lies in another answer here on StackExchange. Transaction log shipping together with backup job = conflict?.

The log shipping process does its work by taking log backups. There cannot be another job that does the same, it will break the log backup chain. See Using Log Shipping as Part of a Recovery Plan. Your recovery strategy should clearly document the location of the log backups as taken by the log shipping job and detail step-by-step instructions how to recover the database using these log backups. You should also test this strategy to validate it.

If you create a maintenance plan (or Ola backup) for a database that is configured as a log shipping database, do not have the maintenance plan create transaction log backups. If a maintenance plan and log shipping both attempt to create transaction log backups of the same database, log shipping will not function correctly. You can do full and differential database backups through your maintenance plan (or Ola backup) without any conflict with log shipping.

According to Ola's Frequently Asked Questions

Does the SQL Server Maintenance Solution support log shipping?

The SQL Server Maintenance Solution supports log shipping. Full and differential backup, integrity check, and index and statistics maintenance are performed on the primary database. Transaction log backups are not performed on databases that are involved in log shipping.

So, if you implement Log Shipping, just keep in mind that THAT process will be taking your transaction log backups and NOT Ola's process.

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