I was dropping a user on master. But that didn't execute on Slave. Instead its broken the replication.

  • GTID enabled Parallel
  • replication enabled.

On Master:

Binlog-do-db: prod_db
binlog-ignore-db: mysql

On slave:

replicate-ignore-db: mysql


Worker 48 failed executing transaction '' at master log mysql-bin.002980, end_log_pos 448844064; Error 'Operation DROP USER failed for 'appi'@''' on query. Default database: ''. Query: 'drop user 'appi'@'''

Retrieved_Gtid_Set: c924545b-a3e3-11e8-8a39-42010a280410:1-6798729399

    Executed_Gtid_Set: 26e8b1bf-a4ca-11e8-b64f-42010a280415:1-56,

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