There are good questions about service broker here, here and here.

In none of those questions I see the following error message:

Service Broker login attempt by user 'MYCOMPANY_USA\sqlservice.' failed with error: 'A previously existing connection with the same peer was detected during connection handshake. This connection lost the arbitration and it will be closed. All traffic will be redirected to the previously existing connection. This is an informational message only. No user action is required. State 80.'. [SERVER:]

But on this question there is a very similar message, but no answer.

I got this message by running the following script:

;WITH cte_HADR AS (SELECT object_name, CONVERT(XML, event_data) AS data
FROM sys.fn_xe_file_target_read_file('AlwaysOn*.xel', null, null, null)
WHERE object_name = 'error_reported'

SELECT data.value('(/event/@timestamp)[1]','datetime') AS [timestamp],
       data.value('(/event/data[@name=''error_number''])[1]','int') AS [error_number],
       data.value('(/event/data[@name=''message''])[1]','varchar(max)') AS [message]
WHERE data.value('(/event/data[@name=''error_number''])[1]','int') = 28048
order by data.value('(/event/@timestamp)[1]','datetime') DESC

enter image description here

What could be possible things to look at?

we do have more than one service broker sessions

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