I am trying to administrate and monitor databases by using Mongo ops manager.

OS Version : Oracle linux 7 Mongod version : 4.0.5 enterprise Ops manager : 4.0.5 enterprise

I have installed the ops manager in node 1, and node 2 contains mongod with port 27017 standalone db.

I deployed automation, monitor and backup agents in node 2.

I started created a replica set in node with following ports 2020,2021 ans 2022.

One mongod is already running with 27017 so I started replicaset like mongod --dbpath --port 2020 / 2021 / 2022

So the mongod process with ports 2020/2021 and 2022 are running under root user.

My Question is : I am trying to automate this this replica set with ops manager from node 1 but I am not able to add these instances since UID is different because automation agent is running under mongod user.

Is there anyway I can start this replica set under mongod user account ?

I need three servers to deploy replica set from ops manager, that was reason I created replica set manually.

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