Continuation of the question "Archiving SQL Server data on disk to be pottentially restored".

I'm still looking for a way to archive data per month which can easily be restored...

I'm in the learning curve of partitioning a table in different filegroups and how to manipulate them...

Right now, I'm at the point of trying to backup a filegroup that contains 1 partitioned month of one table. I found out the hard way that it needs to be a readonly filegroup to be able to back it up...

Now, I'm wondering if this is feasible... My idea is to use the backup and restore of filegroups as an archiving mechanism: 1. Make a filegroup readonly to be able to back it up, 2. backup the readonly filegroup 3. remove the filegroup

At this point if someone would like to restore the info for a single filegroup: 1. recreate the removed filegroup 2. link it to partition scheme 3. restore the backedup filegroup into this new filegroup

I've been searching for answers... I can't be the only one trying to use filegroups as an archiving mechanism.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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