I have 3 nodes PXC 5.6 cluster. Xtrabackup 2.3.10. Centos 7.6


I am using only single Node-1 for both read and write.

And I use to take backup from another Node-2 which is not used for read or write.

Yesterday, my Node-1 went down and read/write switched to Node-2. Then we continued to take incremental backup from another unused Node-3.

On my backup machine, I decided to extract and prepare backup. My backup preparation log shows everything fine until those backups that were taken from Node-2. All the incremental backups from Node-3 had errors.

Why does it seems like incremental backup should always be from the same node where the full backup was taken? Percona XtraDB Cluster is master-master and so all nodes must be same. Then why did this happen?

I have attached my logs here:


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LSN (Log Sequence Number), which incremental backup is based on, is specific to an instance. That's why knowing full copy LSN means nothing on other node.

  • What is the solution to solve this problem? I want to automate this process so if a node goes down, incremental backups should be normal and not corrupt.
    – Jaz
    Commented Jan 13, 2019 at 14:18
  • When you switch a backup node start with a full copy. I also found differential backup are more reliable comparing to incremental. I implemented both aspects in github.com/twindb/backup. Also it correctly desyncs a node before the backup which is important for Galera Cluster backups.
    – akuzminsky
    Commented Jan 13, 2019 at 15:02

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