I am having a production MySQL server with set of 20 databases in on-premises server. Now I require to migrate few databases from production server to AWS RDS without disturbing other databases in one-by-one.

We can perform this activity using AWS DMS. Instead, I am looking at tranditional MySQL replication for setting up replication between existing production server to AWS RDS.

In RDS, as we are not having access to my.cnf, I am not able to set replicate-do-db configuration. Is there any other workaround to setup replication from on-premises to RDS for few databases.

  • you would probably need an intermediate slave server where the replicate-wild-ignore-db is set and then let AWS RDS instance connect to this intermediate slave to replicate all databases, basically, the 'filtering' happens on the intermediate slave server – jerichorivera Jan 7 at 13:09
  • Actual requirement is replicate databases from one production server to multiple instances and split the production server. So we can't create multiple slaves for each RDS instance. Also we need to have all databases in sync all the time. – Phanindra Jan 10 at 7:36
  • another option you may try is tungsten replicator. just thought it might work in your use case – jerichorivera Jan 10 at 9:13

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