I am comparing two tables on different Servers and the query I am running looks like this:

Select top 100 *
From [ServerA].[MyDB].[dbo].[Table1]
    Where Exists( Select * from [ServerB].[TheirDB].[dbo].[TableA1]
    Where [ServerA].[MyDB].[dbo].[Table1].[foo] = [ServerB].[TheirDB].[dbo].[TableA1].[bar])

This is not working and throwing error 4104 on [ServerB].[TheirDB].[dbo].[TableA1].[bar] even though bar is a valid column and

Select * from [ServerB].[TheirDB].[dbo].[TableA1]

Works fine

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The 4104 error occurs because you are using 5 part naming in your where clause.

For example:

FROM [ServerA].[MyDB].[dbo].[Table1]
WHERE [ServerA].[MyDB].[dbo].[Table1].[foo]=5;

Will throw the error:

Msg 4104, Level 16, State 1, Line 17
The multi-part identifier "[ServerA].[MyDB].[dbo].[Table1].[foo]"  could not be bound.

Solution: using aliases

SELECT top 100 *
FROM [ServerA].[MyDB].[dbo].[Table1] AS T1
WHERE Exists( SELECT * FROM [ServerB].[TheirDB].[dbo].[TableA1] AS T2
              WHERE T1.[foo] = T2.[bar]);

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