On one of my databases, the integrity check keeps failing with the error:

Connection may have been terminated by the server. [SQLSTATE HY000] Msg 596, Sev 21, State 1: Cannot continue the execution because the session is in the kill state. [SQLSTATE HY000].

There is nothing else going on that I can tell and so this is a particularly hard thing to solve. It's as if the database is timing out or something on the CheckDB command.

  • I am low on space. Perhaps I should increase the drive space for the database. However, when I add additional disk space it doesn't seem to matter at all. I still get the same errors. – Brian Custer Jan 12 at 2:35
  • The database is not in an Availability Group or cluster. It very well could be a space issue but I thought the space would be created in TempDB as opposed to the data file for the actual database. Am I missing something here? – Brian Custer Jan 14 at 16:22

I would recommend check space on data file of your database and extended in case there is only 5% free of space.


It seems there is some process running at that time and initiating a kill command(may be from DBA side, checking long running process or may be due to blocking), I would suggest you to download famous procedure sp_whoisactive from Mr. Adam Machanic and schedule the same before your Databaseintegrity check triggers and capture the output into a user table, execute the same for multiple times so that you would be able to get all the running session during that interval. You can refer this article on how to capture the output into a table.

Above will help you in finding out the culprit process and you can act accordingly.

There are few questions similar to yours, kindly refer them:

how to check who has killed the job which was running ?if logs are not generated


Please let us know if above helped.

Removed why part of checkdb database from my answer.

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