I am working on a project to delete entries from a database. I have a script that goes through about 4000 tables and deletes entries that meet a certain condition. Basically, I am batching the tables into 200 tables and running a cursor loop that reads a table with a bunch of table names, takes the names and creates a statement and puts it into a variable. Then the script runs the statement using sp_executesql. It takes around 8-11 hrs per batch to run through the script. I am trying to shave some more hours off run time. What are some settings I can disable to make it run faster? I have tried to disable all triggers and that did not help it? Is possible to disable backup or transaction log? Is using sp_executesql slowing down the process? Should I just do multiple delete statements for each table (ie DELETE FROM TABLE WHERE X = Y)?

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  • My advise is disable trigger before starts deletion, create a index at the column just for the delete statement if its possible and split your delete statement to not fulfill the log – Krismorte Jan 10 at 2:19
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    To help us understand better can you please edit the question to show a representative sample of the string you construct that is then executed. – Michael Green Jan 10 at 10:07
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    How many rows / gigabytes are removed in that 8hr runtime? – Michael Green Jan 10 at 10:09