I hope all is well. I want to have a discussing on how to best perform a DB synchronization, and I am not to sure how to architecture the system, so here is the case. I have 2 databases, one mysql server and a mongodb, three projects, a jenkins running task reads excels sheets and feeds a mysql database, it also it is responsible for running other task, and I have web application which uses sequelize and this mysql database, and another web application with uses mongo. This two web applications talk to each other by using REST APIs meaning the backend with NodeJS. Now, I might have to add other projects into the system, and I want to have a synchronized MySql DB for the other projects and the one that already uses mysql.

I was looking into kubernetes, and docker swarm but I am not sure if I am going overboard with this, I also know there are MySQL clusters. Any suggestion or technologies which I may be able to use to get this done?

I forgot to mention, all projects I have already have are run using docker containers. I want to add traffic on this projects will not be extensive for the beginning, maybe 100 users per new project or less.

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