This query needs to delete over 17 million rows, from a table containing 20 million.

DELETE FROM statements 
where agreement_id IN (
    select id FROM agreements 

DELETE FROM agreements 

It takes hours to run, am I missing something that could speed things up a bit?

The subselect by itself takes a few seconds, I don't understand why the delete takes so long.

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    You'll probably need a larger innodb_log_file_size - see dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/innodb-redo-log.html. A large innodb_buffer_size is also recommended. – danblack Jan 11 at 0:44
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    You better move 3 million rows into a new table and delete the old one. – McNets Jan 11 at 9:33
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    Here are multiple techniques to deal with big deletes. Deleting more than a thousand rows at a time is costly because of the undo log. – Rick James Jan 12 at 2:06

Use Multiple-Table Syntax of DELETE statement.

DELETE s.*, a.*
FROM statements s, agreements a
WHERE s.agreement_id = a.id
  AND a.created < CURDATE() - INTERVAL 6 MONTH
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